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CA State Resolution Creates Children’s Day in California Every Year

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Children's Day
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Be Community Friendly!™
Education & Good Citizenship Project!

Children at participating schools do a "Be Community Friendly!™" project:
BE COMMUNITY FRIENDLY!™ project is simply doing something good for your family, school, community, nation, world, or for nature that makes our world a better place. Children do projects incorporating educational skills as a classroom, or break up into groups; and even an individual child can do a project on his or her own!
Children receive BE COMMUNITY FRIENDLY!™ Awards that specifically describe what each child did. All Projects, great and small, contribute, to make our world a better place.
After the children have completed their projects teachers create a Wish List, with input from the children, of possible educational materials and/or experiences, from which children can benefit.
Businesses, individuals and groups in the community can adopt a school or a classroom to acknowledge the children's efforts and make contributions to support education and good citizenship which go directly to School Gift Funds available at every school. They may also suggest additional great ideas that teachers can consider such as educational materials, experiences or programs.
To Guide Community Giving: There is a Teachers' Wish List. There is also a Community Gifts List to which potential contributors can offer possibilities for teachers' and administrative consideration. See: Guidelines for Giving.
Help for Education will go directly to the students, classrooms and teachers who need your help. We encourage special help from the community to those schools which need it most.
There is a BE COMMUNITY FRIENDLY!!™ Education & Good Citizenship Account, to which people can contribute, which supports education, scholarhips and aids less fortunate children and families.
Everyone gets BE COMMUNITY FRIENDLY!™ Awards, - students and community supporters!
Community members will receive BE COMMUNITY FRIENDLY!™ Awards, in appreciation for their help that they will be proud to hang in their establishment, and possibly even a class picture and a sample of children's projects.
All this will create a real sense of community teamwork, pride and accomplishment on the part of children, parents, businesses and people in general.
BE COMMUNITY FRIENDLY!™ Awards can be used to honor businesses, individuals, organizations etc. who have done positive things to make our community and world a better place.
You are free to copy a BE COMMUNITY FRIENDLY!™ Award & give them to those you think deserves them!
Our Children and our community need this program! Make donations to local School Gift Funds tagged to support Education & Good Citizenship!

Children's Day & Earth Day Celebration & Parade
April 26, 2014; 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
El Dorado Park
- By the DUCK POND
2400 Studebaker & Willow, Long Beach 90815
(Between Sterns & Willow – Next to the Golf Course)

Do Something Wonderful To Make Our World
A Better Place!

Join Us In Celebrating Children’s Week
"April 19 - 26, 2014"

As always, State Senator Alan Lowenthal, Carson Mayor Jim Dear, Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, Long Beach City Council, Long Beach Unified School District and The South Coast Interfaith Council encouraged "the entire community, individuals, churches, organizations, businesses and schools" to celebrate and support Children's Day.


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Children's Day Ideas for the communities...

Activities taking place in the Spirit of Children's Week

    * Long Beach Unified School District
    * Long Beach Recreation Department
    * El Dorado Nature Center
    * Week of the Young Child
    * Environmental Projects
    * Community Picnics

Dear Friends of Children,

We'd love to have your participation in Children's Day!
Let's all create the custom. Celebrate Children's Day Everywhere. ~
Do Something Wonderful To Make Our World A Better Place!

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